2018 Island Hopping in Hong Kong: Best Hiking Trails in Lantau Island!

by Holimood
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Beyond the skyline of Hong Kong, there are many hiking trails waiting for you to explore. Don’t let the modernity of this metropolis fool you! There are many wondrous nature if you know where to look. So pick up your backpack and some comfortable sneakers, for we’re taking you to some glorious hiking trails in Lantau Island with the best view in all of Hong Kong!



Tung O Ancient Trail

The Tung O Ancient Trail connects two coastal regions of Tai O and Tung Chung. The total length of this hiking trail is around 14 kilometers, which takes around 4 and a half hours to finish. Most parts of the route lay by the sea. It isn’t a difficult hiking trail relatively but due to the length, it takes quite some commitment to finish the entire hike.


Hikers can start their journey in the Yat Tung Estate in Tung Chung. If you’re looking for some good coastal hiking trails in Hong Kong, this one is perfect for you! Along this hiking trail, you get to see the broad bayside scenery of Sha Lo Wan, San Shek Wan, and Sham Wat Wan.

Sha Lo Wan (Image credits to NANA Loves Traveling)


Sha Lo Wan Village is located by the seashore along the Tung O Ancient Trail, encompassed by the tranquility of the forest and the sea. There isn’t many inhabitants in this historic and quiet village in Lantau Island, making it a hidden oasis in the cosmopolitan frenziness of Hong Kong. Many old constructions are still very much well-preserved if you are in for some hiking adventure into history of Hong Kong.


Living fossils?!

There are two ancient camphors that are estimated to be at least 400 years-old in the Sha Lo Wan Village! Now that’s not something you see everyday!

Camphor (Image credits to YaPEX)



Hikers, watch out!

Part of the hiking trail by Sham Wat Wan is right next to a cliff. Be careful of the potential hazards!

Image credits to OasisTrek




Lantau Trail Stage 2 – Sunset Peak

Ever wonder what are the local’s favourite hiking trails in Hong Kong? This one is definitely one of the most highly-rated hiking trail, especially for its unique view! It is about 6 kilometers in total, which might take 4 and a half hours to finish.

Sunset Peak (Image credit to Ching Ching Tsui)

What’s so unique about this hiking trail?

A sea of miscanthus blooms from late Winter to early Spring! With an absolutely magical view of golden miscanthus, it is easily one of the local hikers’ favourite! If you missed the miscanthus sea, you can always enjoy a breathtaking view of sunset and sunrise on the Sunset Peak once you hike up to its top! Several huts scattered along the Sunset Peak with an 88-years worth of history. Many have claimed that there are 24 huts in total. Want to count that for yourself?

Miscanthus in Sunset Peak (Image credits to GetReady)


If you are a beginner at hiking, we DO NOT recommend this hiking trail at your first go. This one is more physically demanding and challenging in comparison.

Lantau Trail Stage 3

This hiking trail takes you to see the most famous tourist spots on Lantau Island. Starting from Pak Kung Au, you will be greeted by the Buddha and Po Lin Monastery on this hiking trail. With a 5.5 kilometers length, it is also quite a challenging trail, which might take around 4.5 hours to finish.

The Big Buddha (Image credit to Chris Brown)



A hiking trail for Buddhist pilgrims

The Wisdom Path lies along part of the route, while the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery wait for you at the end of this hiking trail! Even if you aren’t a Buddhist, it’ll still be worthwhile to check out these intriguing spots for their astonishing scale and rich history!

Po Lin Monastery (Image credits to James Nash)



Tung Mui Ancient Trail

The Tung Mui Ancient Trail connects Tung Chung and Mui Wo. Though with 10 kilometers in length, the hiking trail is more plane in comparison.

Tung Chung (Image credits to Tom Booth)


What’s so unique about this hiking trail?

The middle section of this route is also called “Hong Kong Olympic Trail”, named after the eleven symbols of the Olympic Games cemented on the ground. Do go collect a picture for each one of them!

Hong Kong Olympic Trail (Image credits to Nice Spots Hong Kong )

Hikers might run into Pak Mong Village. A watchtower, which was built to alarm the villagers against local bandits, is still preserved till today.

Image credits to Nice Spots Hong Kong


Silvermine waterfall (Image credits to James Cridland)

Silver Mine Cave and Silver Mine Waterfall are located next to this hiking trail.