Best Selection of Accommodation in Outlying Islands for Your Vacation!

by Holimood

No matter it is weekend, summer vacation or Christmas holiday, it is time for us to take a break from the endless work and spend more time with the loved ones. Why not pack a two-day trip to Hong Kong’s Outlying Islands to relax and revive your holiday mood!
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1. Cheung Chau : Bustling fishing village and also a trendy island

Speaking of the most popular outlying islands, Cheung Chau must be on the top of the list. The island may be small, but there is an abundance of facilities and shops to keep locals and tourists in a high quality of life. Supermarkets, seafood restaurants, café, grocery and souvenir stores, not least the street vendors selling tasty snacks could cater all your needs. The accommodations in Cheung Chau are mainly holiday resorts instead of hotels, and most of them are located near the Tung Wan beach. So just relax on a sofa while staring the stunning starry sky and feel the soothing breeze from the sea at the balcony! You may also go barbecue with friends and family or have home-sweet-home cooking time since some holiday resorts provide you with the barbecue pit and the cooking appliance. What’s more, there are even Wifi and DVD rental service !

Bun Festival is what Cheung Chau famous for.

Accommodation in Cheung Chau – Different Styles Different Sizes

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2. Lamma Island : Go There For a Laid-back Journey

Lamma Island is a remote island that does not share the extraordinary crowd of Cheung Chau. Somehow, lots of foreigners live on this tiny island, thus give the island an exotic feeling. Although there are no big supermarket or retail chain store, the little local stores could fulfill most of people’s daily need. If you are looking for a laid-back accommodation, come hang around at Lamma.

The sunset on Lamma Island

Accommodation in Lamma


Best for couples or girls

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3. Lantau Island : Explore the Beauty of Nature

Many tourists have heard the world-renown attractions like Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island. But do you know that there are caravans and safari camps for you to stay overnight?  These camps are equipped with air-conditioners so you don’t need to worry about the hot temperature in summer or the cold weather in winter. Besides, off-the-beaten-path attractions such as Mui Wo, Tai O and Cheung Sha Beach are really worth going. People who come to Lantau Island for the first time should really book a nice accommodation and explore all the surrounding attractions one by one.

Accommodation in Lantau – From holiday house to safari camp

Enjoy kayak, surfboards and skim boards on the Lower Cheung Sha Beach !

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