We’re always up for a little camping fun. But sometimes, having to bring along baggages after baggages just isn’t very glamorous, now is it? Here are four top campsite in Hong Kong where you don’t even need to bring along your own tent and get to enjoy camping in the most glamorous and relaxing way possible. Let’s see how to enjoy the camping fun at ease!

1. Pui O Caravan

Pui O Caravan is definitely one of the top camping site in Hong Kong, in our opinion! Located in Lantau Island,  Pui O Caravan is equipped with five caravans available for renting. Be noted that although these caravans are not mobile, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good day of camping fun at its fullest. The campsite is only 30 minutes away from Tung Chung by the bus. A nature escape is closer than you think!
The campsite has a great proximity of the nearby grassland to its advantage, perfect for those who want to enjoy a good afternoon having a soccer match on the grass. Opting for activities that are a little more passive? You can always have a picnic with your friends with a little chit chat as the day goes by.

Say hello to the mascots of the campsite! There are several pet goats kept on the campsite!

Enjoy some private time in your caravan with your friends, families, or lover!

There are plenty of other activities for you as well, if you are looking to stay active! The campsite is closely located next to a beach, where many water sports will be provided for those who basically live for it! Or else you can always choose to work up your legs by going on a hike with all the hiking trails nearby the campsite! Look up all the exciting trails here!

2. Welcome Beach

Welcome Beach is another top campsite on Lantau Island. The tall palm trees in the campsite is their most prominent beacon. This is definitely a MUST TRY for those who are addicted to beaches because this is the longest beach in Hong Kong!
Designed to give you the tropical vacation vibes, this is the perfect campsite for those who’d like to get a tan and a full body-and-mind relaxation!
Don’t miss out on the hiking trails nearby to explore all of Lantau Island!

3. Caravan Hong Kong

Caravan Hong Kong is one of the pioneers that introduced caravan-glamping to Hong Kong. The campsite is known for its serenity for those who’d like to enjoy their glamping vacation in tranquility.

The electricity supply there partially relies on the solar energy station set up on the site. Way to reduce your carbon footprint while having fun!

4. Long Coast

This is a safari camp made perfect for gatherings with friends and families. With build-in air-conditioning system, you can now enjoy camping fun without thinking about the capricious weather! Plus, safari camp in Long Coast are all pet-friendly so you can totally bring along your furry little pals on your vacation! Family means no one gets left behind!

Sometimes even bringing your own food seems like such a hassle when you are already preoccupied with packing your own belongings, which is why Long Coast also provides you with a barbecue package that includes ribs, wings, mussels, corn, mixed veggies and other deliciously prepared food. All you need to do is to show up and have a good time by the grill pit!